My husband and I had our first official will and Estate Planning done by Deni Pifer a few years ago. Deni made the process very easy and comfortable for us. It was a very professional yet relaxing atmosphere. She started by asking some questions, listening to what we thought we wanted and was able to guide us through the process. Deni gave us the pros and cons on various ways we could provide for our family. We were able to then decide which format was most suitable. We have recommended her to some of our friends and have no reservations about doing so.

Liza & Jim Z.

Deni is a very detail oriented Estate Planning attorney with a focus on delivering customized plans tailored to each of her clients. She has a wonderful depth of knowledge regarding tax and Estate Planning and does an excellent job of sharing that information with clients as they work together to determine to create the appropriate plan. As the Regional Manager of a National Trust Company, I not only use Deni for my personal planning but also have the opportunity to refer many clients to her.

Matt J.

Deni was a Godsend when a friend recently died unexpectedly. We were unable to find a will but Deni was able to piece together enough information from files/letters and located the 20 year old will in a lawyer’s vault in another state. Because of the age of the will and the fact that the named executors were all deceased, Deni had to petition the courts to have myself and another friend appointed as co-administrators. The process was somewhat challenging at times but with perseverance, we have been able to execute my friend’s wishes. I highly recommend Deni for all your estate needs.

Liz M.

When a close friend passed away without family and an out of date Will I was lost as how to proceed. After meeting with Deni Pifer I knew we had come to the right person. Over the next 18 months she guided us step by step through being appointed Administrators, liquidating assets and filing required forms. It gave me peace to know my friend's wishes were fulfilled.

C. Maier

My husband and I have been married for five years and have two young children. We realized shortly after the birth of our second child that we should work with an Estate Planning attorney to protect our children’s financial future as well as ours. We used Deni’s Estate Planning service to help us accomplish these goals. She did an excellent job identifying creative ways we can protect our assets. She also helped us by giving us some clarity around other issues such as wealth transfer. Her insight and knowledge have been extremely beneficial and helpful. She is very well-versed in the field of Estate Planning, and has also always been there to answer any questions we may have had.

The Michelsens

When we found Deni, we felt as though we had found a lawyer with a breath of fresh air. Deni's personality and sincere concern for you as a client and a person makes you feel as though you are in your own home and not in a lawyer's office. When we had a need for other experts not in her field, she was able to connect us with experts of high quality that have proven to be exemplary. Our trust in Deni is complete.

Leigh M.

Deni C. Pifer: tenacious, methodical, and compassionate. From my father’s initial meeting with Deni to revise his will to the settlement of his estate, Deni’s legal insights and expertise were flawless. When issues arose following my father’s death, Deni always spoke with me directly and resolved the concerns with reassurance and empathy. Her balance of fulfilling the legalities of an estate settlement and her genuine concern for the bereaved are hallmarks of Deni’s legal practice. In her litany of clients, Deni made me feel as if I were the only client.

Stephanie K.

As new parents, we knew that we needed to get our estate plan together. Deni's thoughtful, informed advice helped us make some of our most important decisions. Deni made us feel right at home with her approach and communication, and made a seemingly daunting affair straightforward and simple. We now sleep better at night knowing that our plans are in order.

Katie & Kevin C.

I’ve known and worked with Deni for over 11 years and hold her in the highest regard. She has proven to be a knowledgeable and reliable resource for me and my clients. I’ve referred dozens of clients to her for Estate Planning needs over the years and always received positive feedback. In fact, Deni is responsible for my own trust and estate plan, as well as that of my parents. You will undoubtedly receive professional, sophisticated and attentive service when working with Deni Pifer.

Tommy T.

Deni is a sincerely warmhearted attorney, has an exceptionally strong constitution, the skill to blend the emotional and intellectual components of delicate and successful Estate Planning and offers individually customized recommendations. We took Deni’s suggestions for a second opinion from a nationally acclaimed financial consultant who endorsed everything, without change, and subsequently recommended additional family members to Deni for Estate Planning guidance. Deni knows the terrain and understands the difficulty of family Estate Planning. We call her “ Esq. Extraordinaire”.

David & Barbara G.

We have worked with Deni many times over the years, from Estate Planning to the management of our parents estate. She is professional, smart, yet warm and personal. She has our highest recommendation.

Jim & Sandy B.

Deni Pifer is my go-to person for any legal matter because of her wealth of experience with the law. Especially in terms of Estate Planning. Not only has she changed my perception of how lawyers do their work but I am reminded regularly of how extremely detail-oriented she is and how she has my best interests at the heart of whatever legal work she does for me.

I have referred her to countless friends and family and everyone come away with a similar opinion to mine.

If ever I move to another state within the US, I am going to have to make sure she knows to practice Estate Planning in that state before I make the move.

Anu G.

Working with Attorney Deni Pifer in settling my parent's estate was a pleasant and professional experience from beginning to end. We were able to handle everything via email and regular mail since I was living out of Charlotte. The entire process was smooth and organized. Deni handled everything for me...I just had to provide the information, the paperwork and the details which she requested. She did the rest and after only a few months, the estate was settled. Dealing with death of a parent, making funeral arrangements then having to sort through files and bank accounts and investments...all can be daunting tasks full of stress. I experienced nothing stressful. I would have to say it was one of the easiest things I had to handle after the death of my parents.

J. Truesdail