Estate Administration

Probate court and Estate Administration is the process of legally transferring assets to your beneficiaries. Sometimes these beneficiaries are named in your Will and sometimes they are named beneficiaries by law such as in the case of a life insurance policy. The court oversees this process and there are many forms, “reports,” notices and proof of assets required. There are also restrictions on what the court will approve as an estate expense.

After the loss of a loved one, the probate court requirements can be overwhelming. We manage Estate Administration on a daily basis and are at ease dealing with the probate court. Our objective is to help our clients go through the probate process efficiently and as quickly as possible, all the while maintaining a personal touch. We are happy to help lift the burden of dealing with your loved one’s Estate Administration at any point in the process.


Deni is a very detail oriented Estate Planning attorney with a focus on delivering customized plans tailored to each of her clients. She has a wonderful depth of knowledge regarding tax and Estate Planning and does an excellent job of sharing that information with clients as they work together to determine to create the appropriate plan. As the Regional Manager of a National Trust Company, I not only use Deni for my personal planning but also have the opportunity to refer many clients to her.

Matt J.