Estate Planning

So many of us put our estate plans at the bottom of their to-do lists – something we’ll get to “one day.” I often get told “But I don’t have an estate.” However, an estate is simply what you own at the time of your death. If you care about who will receive your assets when you pass, you need an estate plan, no matter the size of your estate.

Our goal is to simplify this process and make the Estate Planning process as easy as possible while giving you professional, well-informed legal advice. Our goal and yours is making sure your assets are passed on to your loved ones as you wish. This includes minimizing or eliminating any possible estate taxes. A good estate plan includes a well written will, but also includes many other considerations and possible documents and my job is to make sure all of those considerations have been thoroughly examined and taken care of.

Your concerns may include protecting assets and providing support for your (minor) children, providing a guardian for minor children, providing for your spouse or even how to provide for your spouse and your children from a previous marriage with as little conflict as possible. Some people are very concerned with avoiding probate, protecting assets from the “second” spouse and possibly reducing or eliminating estate tax liability now or in the future. We can help you address and take care of all of these concerns in as simple a manner as possible.


When we found Deni, we felt as though we had found a lawyer with a breath of fresh air. Deni's personality and sincere concern for you as a client and a person makes you feel as though you are in your own home and not in a lawyer's office. When we had a need for other experts not in her field, she was able to connect us with experts of high quality that have proven to be exemplary. Our trust in Deni is complete.

Leigh M.